Dynamic Documents with R and Knitr, Second Edition

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· Provides an authoritative and comprehensive guide to the knitr package in R

· Emphasizes reproducible research

· Covers both simple examples and full applications, from homework to websites to books

· Describes a wide range of options, useful tricks, and solutions

· Explains the internal design and extensions of the knitr package

· Offers demos and other information about the package on the author's website


Quickly and Easily Write Dynamic Documents

Suitable for both beginners and advanced users, Dynamic Documents with R and knitr, Second Edition makes writing statistical reports easier by integrating computing directly with reporting. Reports range from homework, projects, exams, books, blogs, and web pages to virtually any documents related to statistical graphics, computing, and data analysis. The book covers basic applications for beginners while guiding power users in understanding the extensibility of the knitr package.

New to the Second Edition

· A new chapter that introduces R Markdown v2

· Changes that reflect improvements in the knitr package

· New sections on generating tables, defining custom printing methods for objects in code chunks, the C/Fortran engines, the Stan engine, running engines in a persistent session, and starting a local server to serve dynamic documents

Boost Your Productivity in Statistical Report Writing and Make Your Scientific Computing with R Reproducible

Like its highly praised predecessor, this edition shows you how to improve your efficiency in writing reports. The book takes you from program output to publication-quality reports, helping you fine-tune every aspect of your report.


Yihui Xie is a software engineer at RStudio. He earned a PhD from the Department of Statistics at Iowa State University. His research focuses on interactive statistical graphics and statistical computing. He is an active R user and the author of several award-winning R packages, such as animation, formatR, Rd2roxygen, and knitr. He is also the founder of "Capital of Statistics," a large online statistics community in China.



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